Ant Treatment Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London. Fixed standard price £80.00


General information

There are thousands of different species of Ant but the most common ones in the uk are :

Garden Ant (black ant 4-5mm)

The queen will lay eggs in soil in the spring she can be upto 15mm in size (much larger than the workers ). They prefer sweet foods and like most ants lay pheromones trails from food back to nests for others to follow.  General housekeeping and good commercial chemicals will see off most if not all infestations of black ants.

Pharoahs Ant (yellow/brown 2mm)

These ants originate from the tropics and require artificial heat large buildings like prisons, hospitals and hotels can become infested. They mainly feed off decomposing food .The nest will requeen if attacted and most knock down chemicals are not efective. We recomend juvenile hormone based treatments and slow acting baiting chemicals.This can be a drawn out process but is the best method for total extermination. Standard price is per visit that is monitored weekly it can take upto 28 days before results start to show.

Red Ants (reddish brown 3mm) 

Queen is 6mm and they live in very large colonies upto 100,000 and more !

An average queen can lay 150-200 eggs per day, They live in soil mounds that can get upto 2 ft high. The nest will often be out in the open in a sunny spot they are very aggressive and will see off most threats with their stinger that is very painful to us and other animals, They feed on honeydew mainly from aphids but will attack, kill and eat any insect decimating ladybird activities and their young to inprove on aphid populations. The main problem is they run a polygyne system of queening and can have 100 per nest they are also polydomous having many sites per colony causing a formidable pest over a large area to gardeners. Nest can live upto 15 years !

Our Ant treatments

The ants will be treated with different types of insecticide depending on type of infestation. We will use a knock down chemical proof any holes in buildings this is less marerials used and not inclusive of building work. We will leave pre baited station and monitor , we will also advise on general housekeeping to prevent their return. Most red ant nests can be knocked down with one treatment revisits are rare but are included within standard price if the full nest is on your property.

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