Flea control treatments in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London. Fixed standard price £99.00 first room additional rooms £10.00 each



flea control

Fleas are small, dark coloured insects that are usually introduced into the home through pets such as cats and dogs. However, most other mammals can carry fleas, including humans. Fleas are able to jump large distances despite their small size and they also have extremely tough bodies, making them very hard to crush by their host through scratching. Fleas feed on the host's blood then normally after feeding, the female flea lays about 40-50 eggs per day, up to 600 in a lifetime. This usually takes place on the host. Eggs that are loosely laid can fall out anywhere, more often around the host's bed, nest or a favoured resting place. Fleas are not only a nuisance to humans and their pets, but can also cause skin irritation and dermatitis through scratching.



Pets scratching excessively.

Seeing the fleas themselves around the home or moving through the pets fur.

 Bites to the body, particularly around the legs and feet.


Treating the pets themselves will not get rid of a flea infestation on its own as the fleas and their eggs will have been transported by the pet to multiple areas around the home. A professional flea treatment of the whole property is the best way to kill the fleas and associated eggs that can lie dormant in the home for weeks. We use two types of insecticide in a fine mist spray. They have a proven track record against fleas and provide not only an instant kill but also can remain active for up to 4 months, destroying newly hatched fleas from previously laid eggs. They also contain growth inhibitors, stopping flea reproduction. Although deadly against fleas, once dry they are  perfectly safe around people and pets. Drying time can be up to 4 hours.




We also use an organic compound.  This product kills the fleas by physical means, scratching the fleas' waxy cuticle and causing death by dessication (dehydration).  Death occurs within hours, and once the Earth has been applied to the cracks and crevices of the room, it will last for many months and even years! 

As long as it is kept dry and undisturbed, it will carry on working long term, giving you the peace of mind that you will never have to live with fleas again.The compound is organic and can be used on the pets bedding and even on the pet


 Our flea treatments are highly intensive and cover as much of the property as physically possible, covering every inch. Hard to reach areas are intensively steamed, killing all stages of flea reproduction. Complete flea eradication is achieved via this method. The standard fixed price is based on a single room treatment, additional cost of £10 per extra room sprayed will be added for full house treatment. When a full house treatment is requested halls,bathrooms and kitchens are treated free of charge.

This single treatment is very effective, and if your pets remain treated we are happy to give a 12 week standard guarantee.

Our comprehensive treatment will cause minimum disruption and has a proven track record. There is no necessity to have multiple flea treatments, modern insecticide combinations will deal with the problem quickly and effectively. 

To take advantage of the guarantee advice on prevention of a re-infestation will be offered at the time of treatment. 

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