Mole Catcher in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London. Fixed standard price £40.00 Two Visits, No Catch No Charge.

 General Information

We operate a no trap no charge policy.

The mole is a very elusive animal, anyone that has attempted to catch one would agree. They are by nature very aware of their surroundings and would normally avoid most trapping methods if done incorrectly. They will then become trap-shy and become even harder to catch. The majority of our calls are to moles that appear to be evading all attempts of capture. Moles need to keep feeding and work around the clock, resting for short periods of up to four hours.

The mole tunnel network can stretch up to 200m and will consist of varying levels.

Most of the time moles are solitary and will defend their network of feeding runs to the death from other mole intruders,  this changes at mating time. Then it can be possible to catch two moles in a single trap. This said they can often share deep runs and a one acre area can support three moles on average.

They dig their network of tunnels to source food and all that earth has to go somewhere, most will be patted down in the tunnel and the rest will form the mole hills.

A mole will happily move into an existing network of tunnels if left unchallenged. It is therefore important to make good a garden when the problem has been removed.

Generally there are two methods to get rid of a mole problem; gas them or trap them. The majority of pest technicians opt for the latter as the trapping results are plain to see and this can put the landowners mind at ease.

It can often work out more cost effective to have a professional deal with a mole problem. Moles can cause extensive damage and DIY methods are well documented as being unsuccessful. We trap the mole for a reason, it works.

Our Mole Catching Methods

At Mantis we use a range of trapping methods. It is not so much the trap used but the placement that is important. This can only be applied correctly with experience. We use a sophisticated trap for areas that contain trap-shy moles to clear them with fast results. A usual trapping program will include two visits to the property. The fixed price is for the first two visits at £40 per visit. Additional visits if needed are free up to 5 visits, this is rarely the case. We offer a no trap no charge policy, if after 5 visits we still have not trapped a mole we will refund the £80 charge, no quibble. It is therefore in both our interests to catch the mole fast. When a number of moles are suspected on site we will carry out the above trapping program and charge £20 per additional mole trapped after the first night until activity is stopped. If you suspect you have a mole problem call today for fast results. We will endeavour to get to you the same day and lay traps in a matter of minutes, usually sorting the problem over night.

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