Rabbit Extermination Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London Fixed Price £50 per visit


rabbit control

General Information


 The Rabbit was once eaten as a excellent affordable food source, but over time appetites have changed. Rabbit numbers are no longer controlled in this way. This has given rise to an explosion in numbers. They can breed very rapidly, having up to 5 litters a year of 6-8 young per time.

They are responsible for extensive damage to young crops, plants, and vegetation. Their burrowing can cause its own problems, undermining banks, roads, paths and causing unsightly mess to gardens.

Our Rabbit Removal

The best method to remove rabbits permanently from an area is to fence them out. Prevention is always better than cure. At mantis we have decided over the years that the best method with 100% results is to cull the population via Long netting and shooting before the fencing takes place. We can arrange a convenient time for one of our marksmen to visit your property. They are fully insured and they obtain fast results with top of the range equipment. The culled rabbit will be removed from site. A standard permission slip will need to be signed by the landowner before shooting can take place. The standard price is for one visit. The results will be plain to see.

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