Rat Extermination Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London. Fixed standard price £45.00 Per Visit



The brown rat is approximately 8 inches in length, with a tail that can be equally as long.  They are very common in the UK and live in burrows or sub-surface places such as sewers and basements. In the house they will nest in wall cavities and beneath floorboards. The females can produce up to five litters a year, with each litter containing typically seven young.  The brown rat will eat almost anything, but cereal based foods form a substansive part of its diet. The rat unlike a mouse will drink often, as well as being very destructive by chewing through cables, plastic pipes and wooden structures. They also carry numerous diseases such as Weil's disease and rat bite fever.



Numerous droppings-10mm spindle shaped, round corners.

Unusual stale smell.

Holes-which appear in the garden, approx.  7-12cm in size with a pile of earth near the entrance.

Gnawing-often to bottom of doors, sheds and kitchen units.

Rubbish bags outside being broken and its contents scattered.

Hearing rats scuttling around in ceilings or beneath floorboards.

Smear marks along skirting boards.

Block-paved driveways collapsing.


At Mantis we avoid the use of poison but if necessary it is only used as a last resort. We would rather deal with the problem quickly and effectively. For this we offer a proofing and trapping service. This would be a limited amount of visits, removing all practicable dead rodents from site. The rodents are killed humanely using the latest tracking and trapping technology with outstanding results that can be confirmed on site. We are fully insured with experienced technicians. The technicians are rodent specialists, dealing with this type of infestation only.

COMMERCIAL: Baiting programs; consisting of an annual treatment that is monitored monthly and assessed every quarter. This is generally what is needed to control a rat infestation on a large site. Rat extermination is achieved by using the poisons Difenacoum, Bromadiolone or Brodifacoum as either wheat, block or pasta baits. The type of poisons used will be carefully selected following a risk assessment of the area and the nature of the infestation.

All baits are placed in secure tamper-proof bait stations, allowing safe use in areas frequented by children, pets and non-target animals. Quotes are based on twelve visits and the amount of equipment left on site

DOMESTIC: We will use new trapping techniques. Tracking powders, micro cameras and proofing works to keep them out. This is carried out on the first visit with very fast results. The problem is usually dealt with quickly by our experienced technicians. All proofing work, less the materials used, is included in quote price unless building work is required then advice will be offered on how to block their entry. The Standard price is £45 per visit,  if traps are placed on site the return visit needs to be paid for on first visit.

We will be with you the same day you call, so we can start taking care of the problem immediately.

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