Squirrel Removal Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London. Fixed standard price £45.00 per visit


General information

The Red Squirrel is protected, not considered a pest and not found in the area covered by Mantis.

The Grey Squirrel on the other hand is considered a serious pest and it is an offence to trap and then release elsewhere. After being trapped they must be despatched humanely.

The animal must be despatched as soon as possible and not caused any undue stress from being trapped or despatched.

Squirrels are diurnal and are seen mostly at dusk and dawn. They prefer to feed on the ground but are very agile, jumping up to 6 metres and surviving falls unharmed of 30 feet.

They can mate twice a year and average three to nine offspring. They do not hibernate and will cohabit to keep warm in the winter.

They have good eyesight and a very good sense of smell. They communicate mainly through tail twitching but do have an extensive vocabulary.

How Do I Know If It's Squirrels Causing A Pest?

They tend to have more than one dray (nest) often in trees but can be in lofts. The nest measures approximately the size of a football and is likened to a magpie nest. They can rearrange loft insulation to achieve a nest, this is usually their winter dray and will be considerably warmer than their branch homes. The rearing dray will be the one in a loft or nearer a tree trunk, for protection.

Their droppings are rat like 6-8 mm but slightly rounder. They are very noisy and bold. First thing in the morning and early evening you may hear them scratching around. They are prolific chewers and love to dig and bury food, leaving holes and disturbed areas. They will tear bark to gain access to sweet sap for food. Squirrels can eat most foods and will wreck birds nests for eggs and young.


The squirrels can be trapped and despatched, culled humanely via shooting or prevented from gaining access through proofing work carried out. This work is not inclusive of materials used or any hire of access equipment if needed. Prior agreement will always be sought and necessary before any materials are used or hiring takes place.Written permission is needed before any culling from the  landowner. A standard permission slip needs to be signed. The standard price is per visit two visits are the minimum required and full payment of £90.00 is payable on first visit this covers traps left on site, any advice given or accessible proofing will take place on first visit.

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