Wasp Nest Treatment Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London. Fixed standard price £39.00.


 The Queen wasps usually emerge from hibernation in early spring and start looking for suitable places to build a new nest, usually in a dry area close to water.

Once a suitable location is found, she will start constructing a nest that reaches the size of a golf ball.  She will then lay 10-20 eggs and once hatched, these wasps start taking over the nest building duties, leaving the Queen to continue laying eggs. The workers then start to take on other duties caring for the young grubs.

Towards the end of the summer months, a typical wasp nest can contain up to 10,000 wasps.


You will be able to tell if you have a wasp nest because you will be finding them on a regular basis around your home.  To find where they are, if you go outside and take a look around your house for a few minutes you should see a constant stream of wasps going in and out of a specific area of your house, such as under a tile, air bricks, fascia/soffit boards and under the guttering.

This is a sure sign that you have a wasp nest.  The nest is usually 4-5 inches away from the wasps' entrance/exit hole. 

A powerful and highly effective dust called Ficam D is applied to the wasps entrance/exit hole, and if accessible, to the wasp nest itself. Following treatment wasp activity will cease within 48 hours and all associated wasps will die off.

We work weekends and bank holiday's at no extra charge.

All of our Wasp Treatments are Fully Guaranteed. Although second visits are very rarely needed, this may be the case if the nest is particularly big.

If you still notice wasp activity 48 hours after treatment, we will come back and inject the nest again Free of Charge.


Fixed price of £39.00.

Additional nests at the same property are charged at £11.00 each during the same visit.

Old inactive nests are cleared at £39 additional nests at £11.00.

We take appointments between 8am and 8pm. Later or earlier treatments by arrangement only.

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